Godfather: A Dreamzone Parody {dd}

Godfather: A Dreamzone Parody {dd}

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Subject to change without notice We made you a porno you cant refuse. Godfather: A DreamZone parody welcomes viewers into the Whorleone family. As the head of the world`s largest adult-film distribution company, The Dong has accumulated many friends, but even more enemies. At the brink of a porn war, the organization eases the tension with orifices that no one can refuse and a raunchy dose of revenge.

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A sharp and witty parody! WELL DONE!

This is a great parody w/a lot of laugh out loud scenes. The acting is exceptional. An incredibly 'female friendly' film.

Some highlights of this movie are:

Dong Vito Whoreleon, played by the brilliant Peter Otool, giving a fun performance reminiscent of the late, great Marlon Brando in his ultra reserved delivery. The best part of Mr. Otool’s performance? When he is describing what an old pussy sounds like. As a woman I probably should have been offended. I wasn’t. I laughed, hard.

Frequently award nominated Michael Vegas, as Sonny Whoreleone, & Bridgette B. With his non-stop drive & some great positions Michael Vegas shows why he is a fan favorite! Their sex is a scene any woman would enjoy watching!

Tommy Pistol starring as Michael Whoreleone. There are very good reasons Tommy Pistol won so many awards this 2013-2014 season. Tommy Pistol has a range from serious drama to broad comedy. In Godfather XXX he gives a subtle performance making the humor that much sharper. Mr. Pistol & Kagney Linn Karter as Kay play off each other like a couple doing a waltz. Understated, refined & elegant. Yet FUNNY! Best part of their 1st scene? Mr Pistol explaining “That’s my family Kay, not me...”.

The blow-job only scene w/Jessie Andrews & Mr Pete. Dong Vito Whoreleone has made an offer that can’t be refused. You’ll never think of the ‘horse’s head’ scene the same way again.

Michael Vegas, Tommy Pistol & Chad Diamond are a verbal Larry, Mo & Curly Joe moving the story forward in the funniest way. Mr. Vegas shows his own comedy skills here. His timing is impeccable. His delivery is as smooth as silk. The performances of Mr. Pistol & Mr. Vegas are all the more impressive because they complement each other rather than anyone stealing the scene. This scene has so many great lines it is one of my favorite scenes in ANY movie! “I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t see that scene!”

Michael Whoreleone going for a ‘sit down’ w/ Slutzi played by April Oneil. When Michael & Slutzi ‘speak Italian’ it's hilarious. Ms. Oneil ably holds her own w/1 of the best actors in the industry. In keeping w/ the original, Michael steps into the washroom to get a hidden weapon. NOT in keeping with the original, his ‘weapon’ is lavender….

Michael, using his ‘weapon’ on Slutzi. We get to see Mr. Pistol bring a hint of his Dom skills to this scene as he fucks Slutzi to death. After Michael kills Slutzi he has to lay low in Little Sicily….sort of.

The death of Sonny Whoreleone. He is shot 48 times. I know. I counted. Before giving 1 final request and dying. Death scene level? EPIC!

The wardrobe! Anthony Rosano rocks a fedora with old school class. April Oneil in a pair of heels I would kill for. Tommy Pistol, handome as ever, in an elegant black suit. Michael Vegas, drop dead gorgeous, in slacks, vest and white button down shirt. What can I say? I'm a woman & appreciate these things...

I highly recommend buying this movie!

Anonymous - February 4 2014

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